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  • Bottom row left to right: Jasmine and Dr. Virden
  • Middle: Tami;
  • Top row left to right: Brittany, Nicole, Jackie, Stacy and Ryan

Did you know that the iPhone was launched in 2007, yet the most common glasses lenses and contacts were developed years, or even decades before that?

We spend 7 hours a day on a computer, and that’s just for work. Add in tablets and smart phones once we leave the office and the number does up even more.

We use our eyes differently than we did a decade ago, yet most people still rely on outdated lenses. We have options for both glasses and contact lens wearers that have been developed specifically for our digital lifestyles.

Do you have end of day fatigue and tired eyes? Are your contact lenses dry before you’re ready to take them out? It may be because you don’t have the right solution for the new digital world in which we live.

When it’s time for a new computer or smartphone, you wouldn’t dream of taking a step backward. Come let our expert team show you a revolutionary approach to vision.

Don’t your eyes deserve an upgrade?